I recently had the incredible honor of working with Anne as she styled a social media photo shoot for my apparel business. From the moment we began chatting about the project, I knew she was absolutely going to bring the entire thing to the next level! Anne went through all of the products on my website and chose the ones that would make for a fantastic photo shoot. She then took each model into consideration (there were 12 models to work with!) and created a detailed style guide for each one based on their apparel items, their skin tones, their personalities, and their body types. Anne even gave practical and helpful tips to the models before the photo shoot with details from ironing wrinkles to what color socks to wear! Amazing! In addition, she made sure to style each model with items they already had in their closets so that nobody had to go out and spend money! On the day of the shoot, she worked seamlessly with the photographer to style each model, straighten their clothes and hair during shooting, and make sure they felt attractive and confident. Anne is a true blessing and I can’t imagine doing another photo shoot without her professional support ever again! I highly recommend her! Dani B.

Anne was stellar to work with on every level. Put all my worries to ease with the entire process. Her ability to help the models feel their best in what they wore and how she styled them really came through in the pictures. Everyone looked fantastic and confident. Anne’s work made the biggest difference in the quality of the pictures and I’m so grateful to have worked with her. I highly recommend hiring her for your next shoot. Kimberly

Working with Anne has been a great experience. I contacted her after getting a recommendation from one of her current clients. Anne & I talked on the phone at first, and then she visited me in my home to meet me in person and get a better sense of my current style, my style goals, and my likes and dislikes. After that meeting, we scheduled a stylized shopping session where we met at a couple of shops. Anne works quickly and efficiently, which is perfect for me because I’ve never been a big fan of shopping. In no time, she had picked out several looks for me to try on. Most importantly, many of the items were things that I probably would have passed by without even trying because I couldn’t see how they would work on me. Anne was honest about what she felt worked for me and what she felt wasn’t working as I tried items on. She was extremely encouraging when I couldn’t necessarily see myself the way she was seeing me in these clothes. She really opened my eyes to the fact that there are trendy clothes out there that I can wear and still feel comfortable in; and as a stay-at-home mom, that’s exactly what I was looking for – a way to feel trendy, good about myself, and comfortable while getting out of the yoga pants every now and then. I feel like Anne has opened the door for me to learn more about my style and to gain more confidence in my style choices. And she’s always just a phone call away if I have questions about my options. I really look forward to working with her again.

Everyone needs Anne Jackson in their life! Anne has helped me with outfits for special occasions and important events. But more importantly she has taught me how to create outfits within my own closet. This has helped me use all of my clothes in my closet and has encouraged me to look further into my closet without going and buying a new outfit saving me more money in the long run! She has the best eye and encourages you to shop at places you never would have thought before. I definitely would recommend Anne Jackson she is definitely worth the time and money and is the best at her job!
Abby J

I cannot say enough wonderful things about my experience working with Anne. We met at my home. She was prompt, professional, and her styling was spot on. I am able to wear so many of my pieces in a whole new way – that I love. Anne was so easy to talk to and she honed in on my personal style right away. She followed up with me after the session to answer any additional questions I had and share a few looks we discussed. I cannot thank Anne enough
Maegan L

I have been fortunate enough to have Anne’s help on a number of occasions, and have had a great experience every time.
The first time Anne helped me was when I was 7 months pregnant and about to take a vacation to Italy. I was completely tired of my maternity clothing selection and nervous about the amount of space when packing my suitcase. Anne came to my house and, using only what I already owned, was able to completely refresh my wardrobe. She created several stylish, practical, and comfortable outfits out of my existing closet. In addition to this, the two of us were able to visually “pre-pack” my suitcase so that I knew exactly what I needed to take and every day on my trip, I knew exactly what to put on. There was absolutely no fretting about what to wear on my vacation! It is one of the first times that I felt really confident in my outfit choices while on vacation.
After I had my baby, Anne continued to help me in getting new clothes to fit my changing body. She was able to create a list of things that she thought would be good for me and I was able to go out and purchase them without all the hassle of searching and searching for things and getting discouraged.
Working with Anne has been such a great experience every time. She works very hard to take all of her clients needs into consideration, such as budget, lifestyle, comfort level, etc.
I am excitedly looking forward to hiring Anne again to shop for new clothing this Spring. She provides a truly honest and knowledgable opinion when it comes to buying and wearing clothes. The level of confidence that I feel after having her help is simply unbeatable and something I had not experienced in a long time. I would highly recommend Anne as a personal shopper/wardrobe consultant to any woman who is looking to dress and feel her best and thinks she could just use a little help. You will not be disappointed in the results!
Marcela P.

Anne styled me for a black tie gala event and I was thrilled with everything. She would not be satisfied until she found a dress that was the right fit, color and cost for me. Then she found a perfect necklace and an amazing floral beaded clutch that made it all come together. It’s my tendency to be too “matchy” and Anne has the talent to keep a look cohesive but original and fresh. I felt great at the gala and I received so many compliments on everything Anne chose for me. She is awesome at what she does, thank you Anne!
Krista S.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Anne and the services she offers. We first met through Heidi Drexler Photography when we had our family pictures taken. She styled my family in the most adorable and flattering way. She came to our house to understand our style and price points. From there she chose some items from our closets and we talked colors. She built the outfits from some items that we already owned. She was conscience of our budget and knew we wanted to wear these outfits in the future. It was a wonderful experience.
The second time I worked with Anne was when my husband surprised me with a wonderful birthday shopping trip. It was the best birthday present I’ve ever received. Anne spent time going through my closet. We donated some items and picked out some that we built off of. We then went shopping. In the end I had many new outfits that made me look and feel confident.
The third time I worked with Anne was on my husband’s birthday shopping trip (she’s not just for women)! She did a wonderful job updating his work wardrobe and his casual one as well.
My favorite part of the whole experience is after your shopping trip Anne will put together Polyvores with all the new outfits. She will show you how to wear your clothes and shows you many different outfits you can build with what you have.
I’m looking forward to a spring/summer shopping trip with Anne!
Tara S.

Anne is so patient and really enjoys what she does. I was afraid she’d think I wore yoga pants and look like a slouch all the time (because I do) but she was so complimentary on my closet and pointed out ways I could still look great even with the kids around (wearing prints to hide stains from the kids eating/crawling on me; showing me various ways to tie a scarf so I can wear it differently each time).
I have to say I was skeptical of spending money on a stylist but I think I actually saved money by hiring her. She showed me how to use one thing five ways and opted for basic items to use regularly with a few accessories to change it up here and there.
I can’t wait to work with her again next fall!
Marie M.

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