High Five to JCrew

This is my favorite pair of denim, the matchstick from JCrew. I love the leg, the wash, the fit, the clean lines- everything! However, mine faded pretty bad in the knees and on friday one of knees spit right in half 😦 I was pretty upset by this because I felt JCrew was better quality than this and I only had them for a bit. They were my nicer jeans, not my everyday jeans and I was always careful how I washed them. So, I dropped by JCrew on Saturday and spoke with an associate. I was kind about the problem and wasn’t expecting much ( I had already worn and washed them a few times and had them for a few months), just wanted to let them know what  happened. Well… drumroll please!  She offered me a brand new pair! 🙂 She said she hadn’t seen anything like it and that was not the quality they stood behind!
YEA to JCrew! High Five! That’s why I love you!Hi Five to JCrew

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