I’m happy you’ve found me!

My goal is to help you find your style and feel good every day!

I believe you can look good, feel good and do good with your fashion choices. I believe in psychology of dress- why we wear what we wear and how that makes us feel. Just how we like to surround ourselves with friendly, supportive, positive people; we can do the same with our wardrobe to feel supported and ready to have a great day.

I have 15+ years of fashion experience working for companies such as PRADA, Anthropologie and Jones Apparel Group. I have been a personal stylist for the past 10 years. I work for individuals, photographers and on set styling for photo shoots and videos.

My approach is friendly and comfortable. I love helping my clients find their own style. I never push my style or the trend of the moment. My process is easy and starts with why you’ve contacted me, us chatting through likes and dislikes and creating a unique plan to accomplish your goal.

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